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Educating Arte

'Educating Arte' teaches you in a playful way the style elements of the art of painting.
The chapters of the book are the following:

Educating Arte - Introduction
Lesson One – Vertical Lines
Zeuxis’ Soliloquy on Educating Art
Lesson Two – Horizontal Lines
A Discourse of Zeuxis on Structure
Lesson Three – Oblique lines
First Letter of Zeuxis to Arte
Romanesque Art
Gothic Art
Lesson Four – Curved Lines
Second Letter of Zeuxis to Arte
Renaissance Art
Lesson Five – Composition and Shapes
Third Letter of Zeuxis to Arte
The Golden Mean
Lesson Six – Movement
Baroque Art
Lesson Seven – Content
Types of Content
Lesson Eight – Guiding the View
Fourth Letter of Zeuxis to Arte
A Letter by Arte - Arte's Categories
Lesson Nine – Colours
Arte on Goethe
Lesson Ten – The emotional Value of Colours
Lesson Eleven – Special Effects of Colours
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Lesson Twelve – Harmony
Fifth Letter of Zeuxis to Arte
Lesson Thirteen – Line or colour, energy and mood
Lesson Fourteen – Light and Dark
Lesson Fifteen – Volume and Space
Art Nouveau
Lesson Sixteen – Perspective
Lesson Seventeen – Art
Early Abstract Painting
Developments in Abstract Art
Developments in Figurative Art

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