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The following table represents the chapters of the book 'Mary'.

Introduction to Mary
Joachim and Anne
The Birth of the Virgin
Saint Anne's upbringing of Mary
The Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
The Marriage of Joseph and Mary
The Incarnation of Christ
Mary ascends the Mountain
The Visitation
Madonna of the Rose Garden
The throning Madonna
The humble Madonna
Madonna of the Misericordia
Our Lady of Succour
The Virgin as a Comforter
The Madonna with Child and Saint John
Virgo Lactans
The Holy Family with Angels
The seven Joys and the seven Sorrows of the Virgin
Mater Dolorosa
The Virgin of the dry Tree
The Virgin of the Rosary
The Virgin with Saints
Sacra Conversazione
Mary inspires the Arts
Our Lady of Loreto
The Death of the Virgin
The Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin
The Death of Joseph
The Adoration of the Virgin
Immaculate Conception

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