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Contact: René Dewil


This website was composed by René Jean-Paul Dewil .

René Dewil was born in Belgium, in the Flanders region, in the Province of Flemish Brabant. He has been living in Wallony since tens of years, however. His mother tongue was Dutch, but he speaks French at home with his wife Monique and with his two sons Maxence and Julian. He also speaks and reads English and German. He writes in English, but he also translates and reworks his novels in Dutch.

René has University degrees from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, degrees in engineering and mathematics. These are degrees called in Belgium 'Civil Engineer in Electro-Mechanics' and 'Civil Engineer in Applied Mathematics', which would currently be called in after-Bologna language as 'Master's Degrees'.
His professional career has been in Information Technology (IT), and mainly in IT Infrastructure Strategy.

His hobby interests have always been in the history of Western Europe and in the art of painting. He visited practically all the museums mentioned in the 'List of References' and has seen most of the originals of the paintings he writes about - with very rare exceptions.

How to contact René?

René is very much interested in comments on the texts he wrote, in exchanging views on the art of painting with art lovers and historians, and in the correction of errors in his texts.
Please send him an e-mail with your subject and/or comments. Mail to: René Dewil e-mail .

Privacy Notice

The only interaction that this website offers is when you sent an e-mail (See above). Your e-mail address will only be stored for the duration of the e-mail conversation and it will not be communicated to other parties for whatever reason without your explicit agreement.

Enjoy the website!

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