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Tobit’s Death

Tobit died when he was a hundred and twelve years old. He was buried in Nineveh. Before he died he urged his son to go to Media with all his family and possessions because he believed Nineveh and Nahum of Assyria and Babylon would be destroyed. A census would be taken of the Jews living in Israel and the Jews would be exiled. Israel, Samaria and Jerusalem would become a desert. The Temple would be laid waste and burnt. Afterwards the people would come back and rebuild the Temple, but that was long off. When his mother died, Tobias buried her next to his father. Then he left for Media with his wife and children to live in Ecbatana with Raquel, his father-in-law. He inherited from Raquel when his father-in-law died.

Tobias saw the ruin of Nineveh. The town was destroyed and its people deported by Cyaxares, king of Media, as Tobit had predicted.

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